MagnaTrack Retractable Screens

Keep Your Patio Protected With MagnaTrack Retractable Screens

You can take control of the surrounding elements, with retractable screens and walls from MagnaTrack. We provide the most advanced screens for wind and sun control, and for keeping insects out. The screens are great for any outdoor space, and they work in conjunction with the StruXure Pergola X to offer you a more complete level of protection.

Use the MagnaTrack System Everywhere

The MagnaTrack system is a motorized screen for garages, windows, patios, lanais, picture windows, gazebos, carports, outside eating areas, entryways, and other spaces. With residential and commercial applications, you can experience the MagnaTrack system and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle wherever you are. The MagnaTrack system will perform better than other types of zippered screens.

Screens and pergola

Guaranteed hassle-free operation is a great reason to choose the MagnaTrack system for all your outdoor or screen protection needs.

Adapt In Seconds to Protect Your Patio

Smart motors in the MagnaTrack system sense obstacles, and can control the deployment of your retractable screens even on the windiest of days. You can also integrate the system into your home’s smart technology, for more control over your surroundings and options. MagnaTrack screen blocks a lot of wind, allowing up to only 3% airflow if desired. That keeps heat inside during winter and provides a windbreak during a breezy day in any season.

Made from solid fabrics and mesh, the screen protects you from wind and weather, and blocks 95-100% of UV rays. That gives you great shade during the daylight hours, and also works as a privacy screen that can protect you from nosy neighbors and flying insects. The hurricane screen is a great break-in deterrent, to help keep your home safe. Since you can’t cut the material, that means other people can’t either.

Outdoor Screens
Progressive Retractable Screens Swatches

Tailor Your MagnaTrack to Match Your Look

You can choose from white and light-colored fabrics, or select black or dark colors to fit the look of your house or other location. When you choose light-colored fabrics they reflect light and provide privacy, but won’t offer the same opportunity at night. Darker colors absorb light and provide good visibility at all times. Standard colors are bronze, beige, ivory, white, adobe, and black.

Transform Your Deck, Patio, or Porch into a Three-Season Room

Let us help you create an extension of your home with a custom porch enclosure.