About Altimate Outdoor

I Swore A Solemn Oath When I Came Into This Business:

Do The Job 100% Right The First Time—EVERY Time. No Exceptions.

Because If EVERY Detail Isn’t Perfect, Why Bother Doing The Job At All?

A message from Ross Alt, Vice-President & Co-Owner

Our beginnings

My father started Alt’s in 1982. He was a hard-nosed guy that insisted on doing things right. He was the type of contractor that took pride in his work and would bend-over-backwards to guarantee a perfect project.

While I was in high school, I worked for my dad in between the high-school football and basketball seasons. Growing up, I didn’t appreciate my dad’s attitude on the job—probably because if I didn’t get my part of the project EXACTLY right… well, let’s just say he would give me more than a simple scolding.

Lessons learned

Today, I couldn’t imagine where I would be without the work ethic and values my father instilled in me. Every day, I see construction companies do things that make me sick. I’m talking about cutting corners, using substandard materials, and treating customers no better than a paycheck.

That’s why when I took a 50/50 partnership in Alt’s with my dad in 2003, I vowed to continue the tradition my father started. This includes…

  • Installing unique, superior products that homeowners can’t find ANYWHERE else
  • Backing up all of our work with a TRUE Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Providing homeowners with REAL solutions during estimates—sales pressure is strictly prohibited
  • Using ONLY employees to install your project—NEVER unqualified, inexperienced subcontractors
  • Slowing down to guarantee the job gets done perfectly the first time (because the longest project is one that needs to be done twice)
  • Creating a work environment that makes the homeowner comfortable throughout the project, and makes the whole construction process stress-free
Ross Alt and Family

That time we accidentally installed a bad product (and what we did about it)

Here’s a story I like to tell people when I talk about our utter commitment to our customers.

We once installed a certain gutter-protection product for about a year. This particular product seemed great at first; however, it worked well for about one year, and would then plug up.

Since we had been installing this product for only a year—and that was about the time the product would start to plug—we were completely unaware of the problem.

We had installed this gutter guard on dozens of homes, so we knew we’d have to fix the situation. We thought about contacting the company and having them replace the gutter guards on our customers’ homes… but why bother if the product is just going to plug again in a year?

So instead of simply referring our customers to the manufacturer and washing our hands of the matter, we decided to do something much better: completely replace the faulty gutter guard with a much better gutter guard—at no cost to the homeowners.

Sure, we ate some profit. But I would absolutely do it again if it meant that my customers got a superior product that will last them decades and give them a total peace of mind.

That’s just how we run our business.

Word-of-mouth speaks volumes

Every project we perform is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. We accept only absolute, unqualified perfection from the time of the initial consultation from start to finish. That’s why more than 70 percent of our business comes from referrals.

If that sounds like the type of contractor you’re looking for, we would be happy to schedule an estimate with you. We’ll provide you with a real solution to your project and a firm, fair price—because that’s the way my dad taught me.


Ross Alt