An impressive patio with an Arcadia Pergola

Why we love StruXure Pergola X Pergola (and you should too!)

You’ve probably been on dozens of patios before, and you’ve probably seen a thousand and one backyards in your lifetime. But which ones do you remember? Do you remember the average ones, the ones that could easily be mistaken for another? Or, do you remember the extraordinary ones, the ones with impressive features and a “wow factor”? Our goal with the StruXure Pergola X is to give you the “wow factor” you are looking for and to turn your patio into something so much more than just a patio. Your patio should be a place where you feel most at home, and you can make memories that last. So here we go over the top 4 benefits of the StruXure Pergola X, and ways you can make the most of your outdoor space. To learn some more outdoor living tips, be sure to check out this article and be sure to follow our blog.

It creates memories

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the StruXure Pergola X is that you are able to control the environment around your patio, and keep yourself (and your patio) protected from the elements when necessary. You are able to spend more time on your patio, even when it’s hot as blazes, raining, or cooler than expected. The StruXure Pergola X can make your outdoor space a 3-season room for entertaining friends and family, relaxation, and making memories.

It increases time spent in nature

The StruXure Pergola X gives you more time to make memories in your outdoor living space, but it also gives you more time to spend in nature. Not only can you spend more time in the fresh air, but you can also control the environment on your own patio. Ohio and Midwest weather can be unpredictable and undesirable, no matter the time of year. But the louvered roof system of the StruXure Pergola X can keep you protected for 3 seasons of the year. Spending time outdoors is beneficial to you for a number of reasons, including an increase in vitamin D, improved mood, and improved concentration. So not only can extra patio time make you happier, it can also make you healthier! Don’t forget – your yard may be there to give your home curb appeal, but it’s also for you to enjoy as much as you can.

It increases ROI

Remember what we said about curb appeal? Not only can an StruXure Pergola X increase that, but it can also improve the ROI of your home. Do you plan to move or sell your house, even if it’s in the distant future? You can still make the most of your Arcadia Pergola while you live there, and make the most of it when it comes time to sell. If you get enjoyment and satisfaction from your outdoor space, then potential buyers will definitely want to experience that as well. Even if you never use your StruXure Pergola X (we don’t recommend this), you will still reap the benefits of having one by increasing your homeowner ROI.

You get a bonus space

Depending on the amenities you choose to add to an StruXure Pergola X, it could be a versatile patio space or an outdoor living room. Either way, it provides an extra space in your home that you can utilize and enjoy far more often than with a regular patio.

In addition, almost any space can be transformed with a StruXure Pergola X, including:

  • Your deck or patio
  • As a free-standing structure
  • As a front porch
  • Over a pavilion
When buying an StruXure Pergola X through Alt’s, you receive our guarantee of quality and our guarantee that the job will be done correctly the first time. Want to learn more about how the StruXure Pergola X works? Be sure to check out this webpage to get more information and learn about louvered roof systems.

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